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Unit coin

The basic form of the unit coin is round. On its frond side, inside the 1 mm edge-ring with protecting function, the epigraph of 12. ARRABONA LÉGVÉDELMI RAKÉTAEZRED printed with capital antique letters can be read on the upper arch from left to right between the raised points at 8 and 16 o’clock positions iaw. the clock-face.



csapaterme hatlap


On the lower textfield, under the coat of arms, the epigraph of GYŐR can be seen pressed with larger antique letters between the two points. In the middle of the coin the left facing maned lionhead symbolizes the courage, the power and the combativeness. Above the lionhead, the epigraph of FORTITUDINI pressed with capital antiqua letters can be read on the ribbon swallow-tailed at both ends. The epigraph expresses the valiant steadfastness in combat.

The crossing of the oak-leaf cluster and the olive-branch is covered by a coat of arms. The conventional coat of arms symbolizes that of the County of Győr-Moson-Sopron hosting the unit’s base. On the back side of the coin the Coat of Arms of the city of Győr can be seen.

The diameter of the coin is 42,5 mm and its width (height) 3 mm. The Unit coins have been introduced and can be presented in aureous, silvered and verdigris forms.