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Unit Crest

The Unit Crest is basically coloured as field green, forming a standing ellipse contoured by scarlet edge and with a left facing, yellow-black-gold, maned lionhead in the middle.





The lionhead is embraced by a gold-coloured oak-leaf cluster from left and an olive-branch in the same colour with brown crops from right; the left and right motives cross each other on the major axis of the ellipse beneath. The imaginal crossing of the oak-leaf cluster and the olive-branch is covered by a horizontally divided coat of arms. The upper part of the black-edged shield is divided into two coequal parts, meanwhile the red lower part contains three horizontal silver wavy strips with decreasing width from up to down.

In the upper third of the ellipse the oak-leaf cluster and the olive branch is overarched by a scarlet-coloured, yellow-seamed, swallow-tailed ribbon with capital-lettered FORTITUDINI wording on it. At the top the Unit Crest is belted with a yellow-coloured text of 12. ARRABONA LÉGVÉDELMI RAKÉTAEZRED, which left-to-right orientated wording starts under the minor axis of the ellipse.

The oak-leaf cluster and the olive-branch on the Unit Crest, which motives have gained high importance in the Hungarian history and which motives can be seen even on the recent unit flags as shield-holder, expresses the Unit’s linkage to the HDF. The central element of the Crest is the lionhead. The lion has been symbolizing the courage, the power and the combativeness in the Hungarian and European culture as well as in the heraldry. The ribbon, of which scarlet colour complies with that of the collar insignia of air defence artillerymen, represents the pride of the branch. The motto of FORTITUDINI, which can be understood in the western and the eastern culture as well, expresses the valiant steadfastness in combat. Resembling to the Coat of Arms of Győr-Moson-Sopron County, the partage and the colours of the Unit Crest refers to the WING’s link to the Air Force and the garrison at the same time.