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Unit Colours

The president of Hungarian Republic awarded the unit colors to the predecessor military organization on 20 May, 1999.





The colors are decorated with the streamers awarded by:
- the President of the Republic (twice);
- the Minister of Defence;
- the Municipality of Győr-Moson-Sopron County;
- the Municipality of Győr (four times);
- the Municipality of Szolnok;
- the Circle of Friends of Old Scouts in Győr;
- the Organization of the 'Honvéd' Tradition Preserving Association of Győr;
- Military Retirees Club;
- the Circle of Friends of the Hungarian Royal 'Áron Gábor' 'Honvéd' Artillery Cadet School of Nagyvárad;
- the Municipality of Bőny;
- the Military Foundation of János Bólyai.