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The cult of Barbara

The cult of the patron saints developed in the Royal Hungarian Defence Forces from the 1930s, which included the celebration of the day of the arm of service, too. Barbara, an early Christian martyr, is the patron saint of the field and air defence artillerymen* besides the gunpowder manufacturers, the bell-founders (later the cannon-makers) and the miners.






Unit Colours

The president of Hungarian Republic awarded the unit colors to the predecessor military organization on 20 May, 1999.






Unit Crest

The Unit Crest is basically coloured as field green, forming a standing ellipse contoured by scarlet edge and with a left facing, yellow-black-gold, maned lionhead in the middle.





Shoulder patches

Shoulder patch for service and mess uniform
The shoulder patch for service and mess uniform is basically coloured as field green forming a standing ellipse with a left facing, yellow-black-gold coloured, maned lionhead in the middle. Its size is 80 mm x 70 mm contoured by a scarlet edge with a width of 3 mm.




Unit coin

The basic form of the unit coin is round. On its frond side, inside the 1 mm edge-ring with protecting function, the epigraph of 12. ARRABONA LÉGVÉDELMI RAKÉTAEZRED printed with capital antique letters can be read on the upper arch from left to right between the raised points at 8 and 16 o’clock positions iaw. the clock-face.