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Command Elements and Staff

The Command and the Staff are in charge of commanding, controlling, planning and organizing the WING’s activities as well as its combat operations during peacetime, crisis and times of conflict.


Its primary mission is to operate all the command functions of the WING under the commander’s direct direction. Additionally, the command is in charge of the decision-making process – to make decision required by the daily life or combat operations. And, of course, the command is repsonsible for  the effective completion of the ordered as well as the implied tasks derived from these decisions.


Its primary mission is to plan and organize all the WING activities in peacetime, crisis and time of conflict under the leadership of the COS (Chief Of Staff) – who manages, coordinates and disciplines the staff’s work and provides quality control over it. The staff is responsible for the preparation of the commander’s decision and for coordination, support, monitoring and supervision of their accomplishment.


HQ Battalion

The HQ Battalion is in charge of providing and operating the essential infrasctucture required by the effective command and control over the combat, combat service and combat service support forces of the WING. The organizational elements of the HQ Battalion comprise the modules necessary for battle management, fire control and surveillance. Its primary equipment includes the C2 systems (ICC/K–2PC, K–1P) and the radar sets.

Organization: Assets:
Command Section
Radar Squadron
FDC Squadron
Command and Control Systems
Communication and Information Systems
Surveillance Radars


SAM Group 1 (SA-6 Gainful/ KUB)

The SAM Group 1 is a combat element of the WING tasked with providing air defence coverage. Its organizational elements are the SA–6 SAM Batteries and the Combat Support Company. The Group is equipped with short-range SAM systems of SA-6 Gainful/ KUB.

Organisation: Assets:
Command and Staff Elements
Combat Support Company
SA–6 SAM Batteries
SA–6 Training Battery
Command and Control System Elements
SA–6 Gainful (KUB) Weapon System


SAM Group 2 (Mistral)

The SAM Group 2 is a combat subunit of the Wing, tasked with providing air defence coverage. Its organizational elements are the SAM Batteries, the HQ Battery and the Combat Support Battery. The Group is equipped with very short-range SAM systems.

Organisation: Assets:

Command and Staff Elements
Combat Support Company
MISTRAL Training Platoon

Command and Control System Elements
MISTRAL Weapon Systems


Logistics Battalion

The Logistic Battalion’s primary mission is to provide peacetime as well as combat logistic support for the WING, its deployed units and personnel in close cooperation with the logistic organistaions of higher echelon and the organic elements of the WING’ and the Medical Center.

Organisation: Assets:

Command Section
HQ Support Squadron
Maintenance Squadron
Support and Transportation Company

Equipment for preparing and transporting the missiles for tactical employment.
Assets for maintening the weapon systems, vehicles and any other combat equipment, supplying the personnel and supporting the daily life of the WING in peacetime.


Medical Center

The Medical Center has the mission of providing medical support for the WING during peacetime, crisis and conflict.

Organisation: Assets:
Medical Healing Section
Work-health Section
Casualty Collecting Section
Medical Evacuation Sections
Essential equipment for providing appropriate medical care and treatment for the personnel.




Garrison Support Unit

The Garrison Support Unit (GSU) is to support the WING Commander with planning, organizing and managing all the activities in connection with Garrison in close cooperation with the relevant Command and Staff elements. Additionally, GSU is responsible for operating and maintaining the training and accomodating facilities of the Garrison.

Organisation: Assets:
Commandant Office
Base Operating Subdivision
Vehicles and other technical assets and equipment essential for GSU to complete its defined mission.