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Győr and its region

The garrison
’Arabo’ in the word of ’Arrabona’ is the ancient Celtic word for the River Rába, to which the suffix ’bona’ (town) was added. The ancient Romans built a fort at the confluence of the River Rába and the Moson-Danube. During the Conquest chieftain Árpád turned the settlement into a seat of principality. King Stephen I. established a royal episcopate and founded a cathedral here, and built an earthwork on the Káptalandomb (Káptalan-hill).

Today Győr is one of the largest industrial centers in Hungary, being the western gateway to the country. It is an industrial, educational, cultural and transport center, and the same time the peacetime garrison of the military organization.

Today’s barracks at (Győr-)Likócs was built on the range site of the Carriage and Wagon Works between 1973 and 1976. It was renewed as a result of the reconstruction program launched few years ago, so it guarantees favorable service and working conditions and meets contemporary standards.

The display cabinets in the assembly hall of the Unit Memorial Room and the HQ provide a worthy place for the colors of the predecessor units. One of the wooden headboards in the Memorial Park symbolizes the air defence artillery branch, while the other commemorates our fallen comrades.

Traditionally organized every year for a decade, ’The garrison Open Day’ serves the purpose of introducing the activities of the Hungarian Defence Forces and the unit. The Regiment has good relations with the local governments, the administrative and non-governmental organizations. We have regularly organized the national meeting of the retired personnel of the air defence artillery branch in our garrison for several years.