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Bozsoki A Lieutenant Colonel Attila BOZSÓKI
Deputy Commander











Date of Birth (Place) 10 NOV, 1961 (Győr)
Education Zalka Máté Military Technical College (Budapest)
communication engineer
SZÁMALK (Győr-Budapest)
computer system organizer
Zrínyi Miklós National Defence University (Budapest)
chartered field engineer manager
Tanfolyamok Army Air Defence Course, Győr 1998
English Language Course, Győr, IHH 1999–2000
Technical English Language Course, Budapest, BKNYK 2001
Air Defence Fire Distribution Course, Győr 2002
English (STANAG) Language Course, Bournemouth, United Kingdom 2002
Ground Based Air Defence Course, Oberammergau, Germany 2003
Computer User Course, Győr, SZRMKK 2004
NATO Intelligence Operation Support Course, Florennes,Belgium 2004
NATO Intelligence Warning System Course, Oberammergau, Germany 2005
Military Geographical Course, Zrínyi Miklós National Defence University, Budapest 2006
General Staff Course, Zrínyi Miklós National Defence University, Budapest 2007–2008
Former military assignments Company EXO 5th Independent Air Defence HQ Company, Székesfehérvár 19841986
Company commander 78th Radio Jamming Company, Győr 19861992
Company commander 78th Electronic Warfare Company, Győr 19921997
Air Defence Battalion operational officer 12th SAM Rgt., Győr 1997
HQ Battalion deputy commander 12th SAM Rgt., Győr 19971999
Operational Center deputy commander 12th SAM Rgt., Győr 19992000
Operational Center deputy commander 12th SAM Bde., Győr 20002004
Chief of Intelligence 12th SAM Bde., Győr 20042007
Deputy commander SAM WING 12 ’Arrabona’, Győr 2007
Decorations Outstanding Youth Leader Medal 1987
Meritorious Service Medal, Bronze grade 1989
Officer’s Service Sign 3rd Class 1994
Meritorious Service Medal, Silver grade 1996
Officer’s Service Sign 2nd Class 2003
Meritorious Service Medal, Gold grade 2004
Meritorious Service Medal, Laureate grade 2010
Officer’s Service Sign 1st Class 2010
Promotions Second Lieutenant 1984
First Lieutenant 1987
Captain 1990
Major 1995
Lieutenant Colonel 2004
Language skills Russian (basic level)
English (intermediate level), STANAG 3333
Marriage status Married with two children