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Knczl F Colonel Ferenc KÖNCZÖL













Date of Birth (Place) 17 SEP, 1969 (Csorna)
Education Bólyai János Military Technological College, Budapest, Hungary
Air Defence Department, Air Defence officer
Zrínyi Miklós National Defence University, Budapest, Hungary,     
Master of Military Art and Science
Senior General Staff Officer Course, National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary 2014-2015
Additional courses Ground Based Air Defence Planning Course, Budapest 1999
English course & Military Management Developing Course – Canadian Forces 2000
Language & Management Development School, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu,
SAM Operational Support Course (TLP), Florennes, Belgium 2001
GBAD Orientation Training, SAM WING 1, Husum, Germany 2001
Joint Operations Center Course (NSS) Oberammergau, Germany 2002
ACE GBAD Operations TACEVAL Course (NSS), Oberammergau, Germany 2002
ACE Ground Based Air Defence Course (NSS), Oberammergau 2002
Qualified NATO Evaluator (GBAD OPS) 2002–2003
Peacekeeping Staff Officers Course 2009
Former military assignments Launching platoon commander (SA-4 GANEF) 7th SAM Rgt., Keszthely 1991–1993
Battery EXO (SA-4 GANEF) 7th SAM Rgt., Keszthely 1993–1994
Battery commander (SA-4 GANEF) 7th SAM Rgt., Keszthely 1994–1997
Battalion Chief of Staff (SA-4 GANEF) 12th SAM Rgt., Győr 1997–2001
Training chief 12th SAM Bde, Győr 2001–2004
DCOS – Operations 12th SAM Bde, Győr 20042007
Chief of Staff SAM WING 12 ‘Arrabona’, Győr 2007–2010
Deputy Commander SAM WING 12 ‘Arrabona’, Győr 2010–2016
International Assignments Director of Staff Operations, EUFOR HQ, Sarajevo, BiH 2009–2010
Decorations Silver Air Defence Medal 1995
Officer`s Service Sign 3rd Class (10 years) 2001
Meritorious Service Medal, Bronze grade 2004
Service Medal for Flood Control 2006
Silver Medal for Flood Control Operation 2006
Meritorious Service Medal, Silver grade 2007
Officer`s Service Sign 2nd Class (20 years) 2008
Service Medal for Peacekeeping 2010
EU Common Security and Defence Policy Service Medal 2010
Meritorious Service Medal, Gold grade 2011
Service Medal for Migration Crisis Management 2015
Meritorious Service Medal Laureate grade 2016
Promotions Second Lieutenant 1991
First Lieutenant 1994
Captain 1997
Major 2001
Lieutenant Colonel 2006
Language skills Russian – basic level
English – STANAG 3343/advanced level
Marital status Married with 2 children