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Lieutenant Colonel Tamás PAPP
Chief of Staff

Date of Birth (Place) 02 SEP, 1963 (Salgótarján)  
Education Zalka Máté Military Technical College (Budapest, Hungary)
communication engineer
  Zrínyi Miklós National Defence University (Budapest, Hungary)
Master of Military Art and Science
Additional courses Radio Engineering Course (Gatcsina, Soviet Union) 1997
  Military Geoinfomatic Course (Budapest, Hungary) 2004
  English Language Course (Győr, Hungary) 2005
  N3-22-A NATO Operational Electronic Warfare Course (Oberammergau, Germany) 2006
  International Officer Tactical Intelligence Course (Fort Huachuca, USA) 2007
  English (STANAG) Language Course (Bournemouth, United Kingdom) 2007
  Balkan Pre-Deployment Training Course (Szolnok, Hungary)
  Crisis Establishment Intelligence Course (Brunssum, Netherlands) 2008
  Electronic data management systems, system-wide comprehensive risk assessment course (Budapest, Hungary) 2009
  Information security management of the MoD electronic data management systems (Budapest, Hungary) 2009
  TEMPEST Security Course (Budapest, Hungary) 2009
  System Security Officer Course (Budapest, Hungary) 2009
  NATO Taceval Evaluator Course (Budapest) 2009
  ECDL Course (Győr, Hungary) 2010
Former military assignments Technician 104/4th SAM Group (Mezőfalva) 1985-1987
Engineer 104/4th SAM Group (Mezőfalva) 1987-1988
Platoon Commander 104/4th SAM Group (Mezőfalva) 1988-1991
Platoon Commander 1st AD Corps, 11th SAM Bde., 16th SAM Group (Mezőfalva) 1991-1993
Company Commander 11/16th SAM Group (Mezőfalva) 1993-1995
Chief of military technology service 11/16th SAM Group (Mezőfalva) 1995-1996
Signal Officer 11/3rd Air Defense Missile Technical Bn. (Mezőfalva) 1997-2000
Staff reserves Hungarian Army, institutions of higher education (Budapest) 2000-2004
Intelligence Officer 12th SAM Bde. (Győr) 2004-2007
Chief of Intelligence SAM WING 12 ‘Arrabona’ (Győr) 2007-2010
Battalion Commander (MISTRAL) SAM WING 12 ‘Arrabona’ (Győr) 2010-2015
Operations Centre Commander SAM WING 12 ‘Arrabona’ (Győr) 2015-2016
  Chief of Staff SAM WING 12 ‘Arrabona’ (Győr) 2016-

International Assignments

 HDF EUFOR Contingent Commander



 Decorations Meritorious Service Medal, Bronze grade 1990
  Officier’s Service Sign 3rd Class (10 years) 1994
  Officier’s Service Sign 2nd Class (20 years) 2002
  Meritorious Service Medal, Silver grade 2006
  Meritorious Service Medal, Gold grade 2010
  Officer’s Service Sign 1st Class (30 years) 2011
Service Sign for Peacekeeping 2012
  Meritorious Service Medal Laureate grade 2015
Promotions Second Lieutenant 1985
  First Lieutenant 1989
  Captain 1994
  Major 1999
  Lieutenant Colonel 2010
Language skills Russian (basic level)  
  English–STANAG 3333  
Marriage status Married with two children