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P–18M (Spoon Rest) surveillance radar

The upgraded P–18M (Spoon Rest) is an L-band mobile radar station with digitalized signal processing. Its function is to measure the distance and the azimuth of any aircraft in its range, and to possibly determine their identities. This radar is most effective against aircraft flying at low and medium altitudes and aircraft with lower detectability.



SZT–68UM (Tin Shield) surveillance radar

The modernized SZT–68UM is an S-band mobile radar station with digitalized signal processing and 3D capability (although the target altitude calculeted only instead of measuring). Its function is to measure the distance and the azimuth of any aircraft within its range as well as to calculate their altitude data and to determine their identities (identification friend or foe, IFF). This radar was developed and is mostly effective against low-flying conventional air assets (fixed and rotary wing a/c) and cruise missiles.



K–1P Fire Distribution Center (FDC)

The former Soviet K–1 automated fire control system was developed and named as KRAB automated fire control system for the purposes of centralized fire control and command in line with the higher echelon’s intents. It was generally used with the army air defence and artillery weapons systems. The system entered service with the Hungarian People's Army in 1976 as the centralized fire control system of the newly introduced division-level surface-to-air missile system, SA-6 Gainful (KUB).


 icc k2pcK–2P/ICC Universal Command Post

The tactical command system (with an updated database) complies with the NATO INFOSEC directives and ensures the flow of information between the levels in the chain of command – from the Higher Echelon to the SAM Operations Center (SAMOC) and its subordinated Group / Battery Operation Centers – GOC/BOC). The system supports tactical planning, command and control of the current operations (briefings, order and report production and transmission) as well as the key force protection and logistic tasks.